Service User Guide


This service user’s guide should be read in conjunction with our STATEMENT OF PURPOSE which sets out:

  • Our aims and objectives
  • The nature of the services we provide
  • The name, addresses, qualifications & experience of the people who manage Llantrisant
  • The range of qualifications of staff
  • Our arrangements for handling complaints and suggestions

Our aims and objectives

Llantrisant aims to provide care to all its residents (service users) to a standard of excellence which embraces fundamental principles of good care practice conduct and control of quality in the home. Central to these is our belief that the rights of residents are paramount. For more detail information, please refer to our statement of purpose.

Terms and Conditions

Your care maybe determined via a Social Services/Local Health Board (LHB) or private contract with Llantrisant. In both cases contracts start, renewal and termination dates will be on the Service User plan. Renewal, continuation or variation of contracts will be indicated by written agreement. Termination of contract by either party will require 4 (four) weeks notice in writing. Payment should be made 4 (four) weekly in advance. As a current guide our prices (at time of going to print) range from £402 to £600. Any changes to care provision will be informed by the most appropriate for of communication method i.e. telephone, fax or email.

General Description and Range of Services Provided

We provide personal and nursing care for ladies and gentlemen in a purpose built care setting. Situated within walled gardens, with views of farmland and open countryside extending across the horizon to the ancient architectural structures of Llantrisant.

We are registered with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales and offer accommodation to resident who require general nursing care including physical disability under and over the age of 65 and personal care for older persons over the age of 65. We also provide respite holidays if a room is available at the time of enquiry.

With 24 hour nursing staff on duty, we provide nursing care to the highest standards. We also offer care to couples who may have differing care needs.

All bedrooms are en-suite with some offering additional showering facilities, all are provided with nurse call and fire detection systems.

Visiting is throughout the day until 22:00 hours (10pm) or later in discussion with the lead nurse (person in charge). We invite residents to personalise their rooms with photograph ornaments etc but would request that no electrical equipment is used in the home prior to being tested for safety by ourselves.

Home cooking with fresh food is our speciality and special diets are catered for. You may dine in our dining room or own room as you wish, however, due to predisposing medical conditions some residents may need to be involved within a risk assessment process to facilitate this to maintain their safety.

We endeavour to provide vocal entertainers, musicians, barbecues and many varied diversions for those who enjoy them. Our approach is individualised and whilst encouraging residents to take part in activities offered we respect the individuals request not to participate.

Our facilities and services include a passenger lift, residents dining room, variety of lounges including television lounge with 50” plasma with cinematic surround sound, courtyard garden, patio area, residents allotment area to be commenced all personal laundry (with the exception of dry or specialist cleaning), hairdressing salon.

Not included in the fees are:

  • Hairdressing
  • Private transport
  • Resident escort

Also, further support from visiting health care professionals e.g. physiotherapist, chiropodist, occupational therapist, dental surgeons and opticians. These private services are not included in the fees and will be invoiced separately.

Health & Safety Policy

As a company Abraham Nursing Homes Ltd. recognises that it has a responsibility to ensure that working conditions are safe, healthy and compliant with statutory codes of practice. Health and safety officer for Llantrisant is the Home Manager, a copy of the full policy is available on request from the company offices at Llantrisant.

Policies and Procedures

Running a care home poses a variety of issues to be resolved, for residents, staff and managers. To ensure that we behave consistently, to capture good practice and to keep everybody informed of how we work we have written down where we stand on certain key matters and how we handle frequently occurring situations.

Llantrisant recognises its responsibility to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to provide and maintain working conditions that are safe healthy and compliant with all statutory codes of practice.

Llantrisant has an extensive range of policies and procedures, which are located in the Abraham Nursing Homes Ltd. office (on site). Residents are welcome to examine any of theses documents and have a copy of them to retain if they wish.

General Guidelines

The intention of this information is to advise you of our policies and the reasons for them.

Door Entry System

On arrival at llantrisant you will find the French doors (vestibule) locked. When you ring the bell you may have to wait to be let in it is likely that our staff are busy assisting residents, so your patience is greatly appreciated

Signing In

Within our foyer area you will find our signing in book in which we kindly request that you complete your name, time of your arrival and the time of your departure.

We are required to undertake this practice by law as part of universal fire service guidance so that we could inform the emergency services of number of people within the building should the need arise. We also request that you complete information about your car registration number if applicable in case of any problems.

Visiting Our Residents

We have an ‘open door’ policy so there are no restrictions on visiting times, however, we ask that you respect/consider visiting during meal times as some people are inclined not to eat when they have visitors and similarly when visiting late at night after 22:00 (10pm).

Whilst we appreciate that some visitors may wish to give to residents such things as sweets, cakes etc. we would advise that prior to this a discussion is had with lead nurse (nurse in charge) or a team leader within the personal care unit.

Clothing Labels

As you can imagine with such a large volume of clothes being laundered within our premises, we would request that all clothing be labelled prior to moving into our home and when any additions are purchased.

Hospital Appointments

Should a resident have a hospital appointment in the first instance we will usually ask a member of their family or friend to escort them. If this is not possible then we will send an escort but there is a charge as some appointments are protracted and require a member of our staff and sometimes our driver to be away from the home for some time. These charges will be made at the hourly rate of pay for the staff member who escorts the Service User.

Therapeutic Techniques

Therapeutic techniques can be arranged via external providers on request, the lead nurse or team leader will arrange and liaise with all parties concerned and record such arrangements on the individual residents plan. These services are charged per practitioner.


It is advisable not to leave valuable property within the home as we can not be responsible for it. There is a lockable drawer within each of the resident’s personal rooms and room keys are provided on request. However, replacement keys if mislaid will incur a charge.


If you wish to hold any personal monies it is advisable to keep this at a minimum under £20. A maximum of £100 per resident at any given time may be held in safe keeping. Llantrisant Care Home will not hold larger sums of money for any individual resident nor undertake the role of appointeeship. Any resident who is unable to manage their personal finances or does not have a family member/friend to support them in this will be assisted in contacting the local authority and/or their care manager for advice on this matter.


There is a chiropodist available for consultation & treatment and this can be arranged by the lead nurse or team leader as required.


There is a visiting optician, but if you wish to use your own optician this will be respected.


The salon is usually open on a Thursday, on the salon door as are a list of charges.

Meal Times

Meal times are approximately as follows:

Breakfast       8:00am until 10:00 am

Luncheon     12:30pm until 2:00pm

Tea                 4:30pm until 5:30pm

Supper           8:00pm until 9:00pm

A selection of hot and cold drinks, fresh fruit, biscuits and home made cakes are available mid morning and afternoon and at any other time when reasonably requested.

Fire Alarm Response Policy

Note: The routine weekly fire alarm test will take place at 10:00am every Monday. The bell will ring for less that 20 seconds and serves to show the system is working and been tested.

Fire Alarm Procedures

At any time except 10:00am Monday morning all alarms are to be treated as fire alerts.

Fire Alarm Action

The nominated fire marshal for the day checks whether it is a fire alarm condition or fault. If it is an alarm condition the nearest fire marshal will call 9 999 using the dedicated fire telephone situated next to the fire panel. Stating any information requested e.g. occupancy within the home including those who are bedfast is updated on a daily basis and recorded on the fire information board adjacent to the telephone and:

The fire alarm has sounded at:

Llantrisant Care Home,

Old Llantrisant Road
, Llantrisant,

Nr. Pontyclun, Mid Glamorgan, CF72 8LQ

In a calm manner describe what is showing on the panel and if requested the occupancy of the home and mobility status of residents.

The fire marshal will attend the fire alarm panel and take charge of the situation. Organising, advising and directing staff. Take extra care in the area of the alarm. The area of alarm is to be inspected carefully for signs of smoke, heat and smell. Caution is to be used at all times.

Do not rashly or quickly open doors

The fire maybe on the other side of the door waiting for fresh air to speed its ignition. Staff will prepare the residents who reside in the area of the alarm for evacuation to a safe area within the home temporarily, that is to the other side of at least 2 (two) fire break doors (each door is designed to hold back heat, smoke and fire for at least ½ an hour, 2 doors theoretically give 1 hour respite).

The fire service should have arrived by this time. The fire marshal will meet the fire officers and greet them, including the fact that external fire doors are security alarmed. The fire officers will then take charge but will require constant information about the home from the duty nurse. The fire marshal will collect the resident list, visitors signing in book and staff signing in book. This

will enable a roll call to be made. Staff who have attended the alarm panel in the foyer from unaffected parts of the home will return to their respective floors taking door closing action and reassuring staff and residents at the same time.


Smoking and Passive Smoking

Llantrisant is a non smoking care home. Staff are only allowed to smoke outside the home in the shelter adjacent to the kitchen garden (mushroom). Residents may request to be taken outside the building into the grounds where supervision will be provided at a distance. No staff member will be able to offer direct assistance such as the holding of cigarettes etc whilst lit for residents.

Any breaches of this policy will be

dealt with by disciplinary action

Llantrisant Assistance Call System

There are nurse call points in every bedroom, toilets, bathrooms, lounges and dining rooms, hairdressing salon, therapy room and resident meeting room.


Visiting pets

Llantrisant welcomes all well behaved pets visiting our residents

Advocacy in Care Homes

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is identifying with and representing a person views and concerns. This may include enabling the resident to write letters or make telephone calls and/or representing the residents’ wishes on negotiating with an external agency.

What don’t they do?

On going befriending, they are not part of CSSIW (Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales). They do not manage financial affairs.

Age concern offer an advocacy service

 to residents in care homes

Individual Terms and Conditions

Llantrisant Care Home agrees to provide individual services for residents, in accordance with the Llantrisant Care Home normal day-to-day provision of services to the residents with records of the individual fees charged for these services and will be reviewed on an annual basis or often as needs change.

The Llantrisant care Home services offered for the weekly fee are to include:

  • Personal care for all residents 24 hours daily: - including assistance to support daily living activities, i.e. getting up and going to bed, dressing, washing and bathing, helping with mobility and other aspects of personal care within the care home.
  • Qualified and registered nursing care for “residents assessed as having nursing needs” is available 24 hours daily including medication control and treatments as directed by a registered medical practitioner. N. B. Nursing in a nursing home is excluded in respect of residential residents (those receiving personal care only as per their local authority or other contract) due to the national health act 1984 and amendments.
  • Full bed and board for all residents including three meals daily plus incidental tea coffee soft drinks etc as requested available throughout the 24 hours.
  • Fees are payable 4 weeks in advance, our preferred method being paid directly into our bank account. Please ask for a standing order payment detail either via the manager or Abraham Nursing Homes Ltd office.
  • Notice period to terminate this contract 4 (four) weeks notice is required by either part. In the event of death 4 (four) days fees will be charged.
  • All personal laundry for all residents (excluding dry cleaning). All personal clothing to be name tagged to identify it by the resident or family.
  • A weekly additional supplement maybe charged to some residents, this is assessed individually according to room location, size, facilities and care needs. This charge is in addition to any nursing or personal care given and will be notified in advance and the resident moving into the home or as soon as possible when changes arise.
  • Additionally, private services are available on request for an additional cost. E.g. newspapers, hairdressing, private transport and escort,

private chiropody and all other external private services arranged or provided for at a residents or a residents families request.

  • All such additional services will be charged for at the rates current to the service provision made and will be individually itemised and costed within the costed care plan element of the residents’ contract with Llantrisant Care Home.


In the case where commissioning of care has been instructed by the local authority or local health board a contract is issued by them in response to their statement of aims and a summary of the terms and conditions are included short after a full assessment has been carried out and this is then given to the resident and their representatives.

Inspection Report

Inspection report can be found online at CSSIW and any queries regarding the registration status or performance of the setting can be addressed to the local regional office of

Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales:

Vale and Valleys Region Office

4/5 Charnwood Court
, Heol Billingsley

Parc Nantgarw, Nantgarw, CF15 7QZ

Telephone:    01443 – 848527

Complaints Procedure

If as a resident, relative or friend, you feel there is cause for complaint, you should at first discuss the matter with the Nurse-in-Charge, this is known as ‘Local resolution’ and will be resolved as soon as reasonably practicable and in any event within 14 days.

If the matter is in your opinion, a serious one, or if you remain dissatisfied, you can either speak to, or write to the Home Manager or to the Director. A full investigation will be made into the complaint, and you will be advised of the results as soon as is reasonably practicable and in any event within 35 days. You will be provided with a written report which will summarise the nature and substance of the complaint, the conclusions and the action to be taken as a result of your complaint.

If, after this investigation, and/or 35 days you are still not satisfied, we will notify the local regional office of the CSSIW with regard to our delay in resolution.

You are also encouraged if you feel that we have not met your expectations reasonably or you wish for further advice regarding the management of your complaint to contact:

Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales

Vale and Valleys Regional Office

4/5 Charnwood Court

Heol Billingsley, Parc Nantgarw

Nantgarw, Cardiff, CF15 7QZ.

We would also advise you to contact a representative of the person who commissions (funds) your care e.g. Local Authority or Local Health Board if you are unsure who best to contact these details will be advised to you by the home manager on request.

A copy of our full complaints is on request from the home manager at any time.